Cristiano Holtz (Brazil 1972)

Influenced by J.S. Bach, he began his studies of harpsichord when he was twelve years old, with Pedro Persone. At fifteen he moved to the Netherlands, following an invitation of Jacques Ogg, in order to pursue his musical studies with him, where he stayed for ten years, studying with various teachers such as Meno van Delft.


Since very young age, his strongest influence has been Gustav Leonhardt, for whom he was exceptionally accepted as his last official student.

It was also very important for him , to have worked privetly with Pierre Hantai, Marco Mencoboni and Miklos Spanyi , who later invited him to record and play concertos and pieces for 2 harpsichords by C.Ph.E.Bach, in his giant project: C.Ph.E.Bach complete works for keyboard instruments(for the lable Bis).

In 1998 he came at the invitation of several music schools and Conservatories,to work in Portugal, as a professor of harpsichord and chamber music.

Cristiano Holtz performs especially as soloist, both on harpsichord, clavichord and occasionally on historical organs in various countries in Europe, Asia,South America and the United States, playing in several prestigious international festivals.

He has obtained several international awards such as: Eldorado competition (Brazil 1996), Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik (Germany 2006), 5 Stars Golgberg Magazine (Britain, Spain) for his CD devoted to the composer J. Mattheson(Ramee 2006), which was a world premiere.


In 2008 he recorded the Inventions and Sinfonies of J.S.Bach, played on the Clavichord for the label Hortus, and in 2011 again for the Label Ramee, a cd devoted to G.F.Haendel,wich obtained the prestigious "Record Geijutsu Award" from Japan.

His most recent recording is devoted to J.S.Bach "Rare works for harpsichord" for the label Edition Hera,wich has been highly acclaimed in the international press.


Cristiano Holtz has Bach as the center of his musical work, and has been considered by several worldwide magazines and critics,such as Fanfare Magazine USA and Publico Portugal, as one of the finest Bach performers of our time.